Super Gold Work in crop...

Composition: Humic acid + Amino Acid

Spherical Granule Humic acid is an organic plant deposits useful for the development of white root, increase water capacity in soil, transfer nutrients from soil to crop root and stimulates the production of chlorophyll.

humic acid based effective bio product.
Super Gold increases nutrients assimilation and provide multiple benefits to enhance the crop yield.
Super Gold increases root mass, fruit yield and Bio-mass of the plant.
Super Gold assists in transforming macro and micro nutrients from the soil to the plant. It reduces fertilizer doses by 20-25%.
Super Gold improves soil porosity, enhance aeration and water retention capacity of the soil.
Super Gold restore & ensure continuity of bio-cycle and increases soil fertility by increasing micro flora population,
accreting organic matter decomposing and increasing Humus/ carbon content.

Packing : 1 Kg, 10kg, 25kg

How Super Gold Works ?

By supplying the soil with sufficient humic acid, we help to bind cations (positively charged elements). The ability to chelate positively charged multivalent ions (Mg, Ca, Fe and other “trace minerals” of value to plants) is probably the most important role of humic acid, with respect to your soil. By chelating the ions, humic acid facilitates the uptake of the ions by means of several mechanisms, one of which is preventing their precipitation (leaching through the soil). Another is the direct and positive influence on their bio-availability. It can also detoxify the soil of heavy metals. Research has shown that heavy metals can be “locked up” with the addition of humic acid.

How to Use Super Gold ?

  1. Soil Application :
    • 1-3 kg Super Gold 1 acre land .