Composition: Indole butyric acid

Root Line Work in crop...

White root is the main system of crop to enter nutrition and water, as the number of white root increase more amount of nutrition can be absorb. Root Line is made up of root promoting hormone which stimulates the hormonal system of the plant to generate more number of white root.

Packing : 500 ml, 1 Liter, 5 Liter)

Materials and Methods

[1] IBA treatment (ppm)

Prior to the treatment of succulent cuttings the edge of lateral portion of each has prepared with sharp knife to avoided the damage of cuttings and any fungus attack before insertion in the medium for rooting . The treatments concentration of IBA were as under. Formula used to make a solution, a quantity of solute is added to a known volume of solvent, adding 2-6 mg of the rooting hormone IBA (the solute) to 1liter of ethanol

T1 0.2 ppm(IBA)

T2 0.4 ppm(IBA)

T3 0.6 ppm(IBA)

[2] Number of roots

The number of roots after 15 days interval were recorded randomly form randomly selected plants and counted mean data for analysis.

[3] Number of leaves

Average number of leaves counted for growth performance from randomly selected plants

[4] Thickness of stem

Thickness of stem measured by Vernier caliper and counted on average basis

[5] Number of flower

Average number of flowers counted for growth performance from randomly selected plants

[6] Length of roots

Randomly selected plants were uprooted from the media and data been collected by simple measuring tap.

[7] Fresh weight of roots

Fresh weight were recorded immediately after collection of the roots and preserved

Roots length (cm)

How to Use Root Line ?

  1. Soil Application :
    • Dissolve 1 Liter of Root Line in 1 acre land via Drip Irrigation.