Flower Plus Work in crop...

Composition: Carbohydrate......35%w/v

Flower Plus is a research bio technologically developed plant and animal origin nutritionally balanced organic food for plants. Flower Plus increases carbon nitrogen ration in the plant cell leads to increase number of productive flowers and buds. It provide energy to the plant cells that helps for strong stem developments and increases vegetative growth of the plants thus helps for increasing crop yield by 25 to 40%.

Features :

• Increase flowering in plant
• Prevent flower shedding
• It increases length of flower up to 2 inches.
• It enhance early flowering. Plants take less time to flower Yield contributing characters like plant height in crease is 8-10%
• Number of branches per plant increase by 15-20%
• Number of flowers per cluster increase by 33-35%
• 20-30% increase in number of fruits per plant were recorded
• Fruit weight increase is 20-25 %.Bigger fruits are produced
• Total yield increase due to Carbohydrate.application is 35-50%
• Quality characters like TSS (Total soluble solutes), in crease by 6-7% & acidity by 10-12%, Ascorbic acid 7-10% and total sugar % were 5-7.5% more was recorded

Recommended Crops :

All types of Vegetables, Tea ,coffee,Cotton, Horticulture crops and field crops

Compatibility :

Mix with all types of Pesticides/Fungicides and PGR product.

Packing : 100ml,250ml, 500ml, 1Liter, 5 Liter.

How to Use Flower Plus ?

  1. Foliar Application :
    • Dissolve 30-40 ml Flower Plus in 15 Liter water and Spray on both side of leaves using knapsack sprayer.