Ami Power Work in crop...

Composition: Amino acid + Hydrolyzed Protein + Vitamins

Amino acid is the natural building block of the protein synthesis. Ami power provides 18 essential amino acid, which requires for the protein synthesis. Protein Requires for the fruit setting and new tissue development, Induce flowering and reduce pre-dropping, Improves fruit setting and reduce fruit dropping, Improves fruit size and quality, Improves nutrition uptake and their utilization.

Packing : 100ml , 250ml, 500ml, 1Liter, 5 Liter.

How to Use Ami Power ?

  1. Soil Application :
    • Dissolve 1 Liter of Ami Power in 200 Liter water. Distribute 1 acre land via Drip Irrigation.
  2. Foliar Application :
    • Dissolve 30 ml Ami Power in 15 Liter water and Spray on both side of leaves using knapsack sprayer.
  3. 3. Seed Treatment :
    • Use 50 ml of Ami Power for coating 1 kg of seed. Soak seed for 1 hr and broadcast in soil.